You don’t need help


Recently I was not able to work with a client in the room, so they wanted me to create some templates and maps that they could use in my absence. This is fabulous! This is a client that has only ever though the markers should be in my hands. Good news for my business, as this increases capacity. Better news for the world with more visual facilitation taking place.

Many visual practitioners will tell you that at almost every meeting, while hanging paper or moving charts, someone steps up and wants to help you. How lovely is that? I always appreciate the generosity of spirit and willingness to collaborate that seems to be a part of having creative engagement in the room. Well, the fact is, it is easier to hang a chart by yourself, if you know how. You wouldn’t know how unless someone showed you. Every visual practitioner was shown or witnessed the more effective ways to handle those big sheets of paper in the beginning of their career. The process is not usually instinctive. Once we see it we say, “Of course!”

After I finished the large charts for my client, I wrapped them in a tube to pass off. It occurred to me that I would not be there to hang them. I imagined the cumbersome antics that might happen, involving multiple people and loud paper wrinkling. I didn’t want to give my client a five paragraph essay on “How to Hang a Chart.” Instead, I created a visual step-by-step.

I offer it to you and the world, demystifying how one person alone can effectively hang a huge piece of paper.